About Dr. Usman Fayaz

Dr. Usman Fayaz

Dr. Usman Fayaz, aged about 66 years, is a visionary of the Indian gaming industry. A commerce graduate who started his entrepreneurial journey as a humble lottery seller who went on to become a distributor, organiser and an innovator.

Dr. Usman Fayaz has gone on to transform the Indian Media & Gaming industry from its primitive paper format to online and internet formats. He has been instrumental in growing the lottery business by leaps and bounds, resulting in windfall gains to the gaming ecosystem and to the respective state and central government by way of taxes.

Dr. Usman Fayaz also Co – Founded UFO Moviez, India’s first and largest digital cinema solutions provider in 2008 and has since exited the business at its peak with over 3000 screens across the India.

In recognition of his contribution to the field of Gaming & Lotteries, Dr. Fayaz has been awarded a doctorate degree by Indra Prastha University, New Delhi. He was also the President of the All India Federation of Gaming Trade and Allied Industries for 8 years and was actively involved in promoting Gaming across various states and Central Governments in India.

About Mr. F. Usman Faheed

Mr. F. Usman Faheed took over the operations of the group when he was just 24 years old and has been spearheading the execution of the various ventures of the group for the past 12 years. He was single handedly responsible for developing UFO Moviez’s theatre network from scratch in the crucial markets of South India by adding 1,400 screens in a short span of 6 years.

Post his exit from UFO, he has now turned his focus towards the 4K-Digital Cinema rollout in India and has been instrumental in SDC Cinemas journey as the fastest growing 4K Digital Service provider in India. He is also responsible for the groups foray into the Digital Cinema business in Sri Lanka. It is now the Market Leader with over 46 % market share.

He is also the Managing Partner of SDC Cinemas which has forayed into the movie exhibition business and currently manages 31 properties with a combined seating capacity of over 13,000 seats.

F. Usman Faheed
Managing Director