SDC Cinemas - Srilanka

SL Digital solutions private limited was incorporated in the year 2014 and the board of directors comprising of persons with vast experience in their respective field that manages the company .SLDS is the first digital cinema company to enter into Sri Lanka and gives the audience the true digital experience. To be the leader in E-Cinema and 4K entertainment by enhancing value for the audience of Sri Lanka. To carry on Sri Lanka or elsewhere and undertake the business, profession or vocation as advisors or consultants on matters relating to administration, management, organisation, accounting, costing, finance, marketing, import, export, commercial or economic activities, human resources develoment, sale and purchase of goods, property etc.. 4K TECHNOLOGY: A 4K picture projected on a cinema screen contains an incredible 4096*2160 pixels (or tiny dots). That's over 8 megapixels, or four times the number of pixels. And all that cinema pictures projected 4K-look amazing, with incredible contrast and color. WHY TO CHOOSE SONY 4K? Sony 4K Projectors & Roll out in Sri Lanka: We have rolled out 4K DCI compliant projectors in Sri Lanka through SLDS in collaboration with Sony Corporation, Hong Kong. About Sony 4K: Going to the movies has never looked better. With Sony Digital Cinema the pictures projected with detail-packed 4K qualities. The unique Sony 4K digital cinema projection system, together with Theatre Management System software, enables exhibitors to give their audiences the highest quality, most immersive and entertaining viewing experience available.